December 12, 2003

Go to the back of the queue!

As you watch this video (and you really should watch it all the way through to the end), you might start thinking about film history, and how Jean-Luc Godard has finally been one-upped. You might start thinking about the Japanese economy, and how it seems to have stranded a lot of people with non-negligible disposable income and far too much free time on their hands. Or you might just think that Japanese people are weird.

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Posted by: Michelle Vaughan on December 12, 2003 05:01 PM

Good lord!

Posted by: Tony J on December 12, 2003 05:19 PM

And I thought I knew how to waste time

Posted by: murray on December 12, 2003 09:03 PM

And he had to speed up the film to get it all in.

AND it was raining.

And I am not really a disinterested party in the spreading of this meme, but have you noticed how much good press Apple has been getting recently? iPods are, two years after being introduced, not able to keep up with demand. The third fastest supercomputer was built from Apples at a fraction of the cost and with many clones on the way. iTunes for Windows. G5. OS X. A US survey puts buyers' intentions at 14% for Apples. Still no viruses for OS X.

All this good karma has to lead somewhere.

Posted by: Stefan Geens on December 12, 2003 09:38 PM

Titling posts with a quote from Withnail & I is also a meme worth promoting. In fact, let's title all future posts with quotes from that movie.

Posted by: Stefan Geens on December 12, 2003 09:42 PM

Stefan, are you saying that any post title of the format "X Y the back of the Z!" is a quote from Withnail and I?

Posted by: Felix on December 12, 2003 09:46 PM

It's the first thing I thought of. You've started a meme by accident.

Posted by: Matthew on December 12, 2003 09:53 PM

Well, strictly speaking, I started it with Here Hair Here. yes, Felix, the idea is to pun.

Posted by: Stefan Geens on December 12, 2003 10:17 PM

What makes the Japanese seem weird is that they conduct their mob activities with such decorum. The tightly wound social roles in Japan make standing in the rain behind 1,500 other people to take a peek at a new store a perfectly reasonable way to spend the afternoon.

And yeah, they are a little weird, but that's why Tokyo is one of my all-time favorite cities. If anyone is traveling there soon, check out the new Mori Roppongi Hills complex. The inaugural exhibit at the Mori Museum, "Happiness", is a trip. Plus the place is chockers with attractive single women.

Posted by: jame on December 13, 2003 11:03 AM

In case you were wondering what to blog about today, the top word of 2003 has been selected, and it's "embedded'.

Beating out 'blog', which is sort of a word, and 'SARS', which obviously is five words, 'embedded' is now added to the illustrious list that includes 'chads', 'Ground Zero' (not exactly one word) and 'misunderestimate' (not a word unless your last name is Bush).

Maybe they should change the category to 'Year's Top Word, Phrase, Slang or Jargon'.

And now, off to embed myself in some local bicycle activism. Viva!

Posted by: eric on December 26, 2003 04:08 PM

opps - thought i was posting a post, not a comment. sorry. clumsy.

Posted by: eric on December 26, 2003 04:09 PM