March 29, 2004


It's all over. No more smoking in Irish public spaces as of now. Of course, in Ireland, "public space" is synonymous with pub, and as the BBC points out, the ban does not cover "hotel rooms, prisons, nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals." Sounds like they're trying to kill off the populations of certain institutions, no?

Posted by Stefan at 01:06 AM GMT

Certainly. Without a smoke to ease tensions you can expect Irish pub goers to get rather 'pushy' about matters, thus leading to an increase in pub-goer homicides.

Posted by: Alan Kellogg on March 29, 2004 08:47 AM

I don't think they're trying to kill anyone off... hotel rooms are allowed because they are private spaces. Prisons and nursing homes are allowed because they are full of people who by definition aren't allowed to go somewhere else where smoking is allowed.

Posted by: RB on March 31, 2004 09:31 PM