May 22, 2004

Neologism of the week: Staff ass

Washingtonienne talks to Wonkette!

Wonkette: ... You're really handling this well.
Washingtonienne: I just think it's so silly. The blog is really about a bunch of nobodies fucking each other. I still can't believe people care. I mean, I thought it was pretty typical. Most people I know, that's a typical week. I mean, I knew that if someone from work found out, I'm fired. But I didn't really like my job anyway.
Wonkette: I forgot to ask the most important thing: How much of what's in the blog is true?
Washingtonienne: Everything is true. Though that part about people giving me money, it's not like it was money for sex, exactly, it was like a gift. He knew I was making shit at my job; he wasn't a john.
Er, yeah, right. I just wonder what F, the chief of staff appointed by Bush at a federal agency who gave her $400 during a "long lunch", thinks about being called a nobody. Relieved that Frank is a common name? (Washingtonienne wouldn't refer to her john by his last name, would she?)

PS: Although I have no idea who F is, obviously, or even if any of this is true, this is too much fun in a google-prowess boasting kind of way to let go. See a difference between this dynamically generated appointee directory and the static text version? (Hint: Search for Frank.) Here is the google cache in case the text version gets it. I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

Update 2004-05-23: As promised, Washingtonienne, AKA Jessica Cutler, gets her picture in the Washington Post (and on Wonkette). And she is hot! (We had already decided Wonkette is incredible.)

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At least Holly Golightly had some class.

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For the sake of complete coverage.

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