June 26, 2004


Slogan: undiscovered unspoiled unbelievable
Population: 2,100
Porn pages: 2,947,800

Posted by Felix at 08:58 PM GMT

Ah, yes, .nu

Quite well known to Swedes, who until last year were not allowed to register .se without being a company, so many registered .nu, which means "now". The Register has the rundown here. Niue leased rights to its domain name to some enterprising, er, entrepreneurs.

But, get this: there aare four domains that don't even have permanent inhabitants: .bv, .hm, .io, .tf:

"Bouvet Island (.bv) is nothing but glaciers. Discovered in 1739 by the French, taken over by the British in 1825 and then handed to the Norwegians in 1928, it was only in 1977 that anything stayed permanently on the island - a meterological station.

The Heard Island and McDonald Islands (.hm) are completely barren. Handed over to the Australians by the British in 1947, it does boast a few seals and birds, but Club 18-30 it is not.

British Indian Ocean Territory (.io) has a joint UK/US "naval support facility" on its biggest island, Diego Garcia, which sounds like the worst posting in the military. But apart from that, not a dickie-bird.

And the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (.tf) are as inviting as they sound. Discovered by the French in 1840, the only people to set foot on it are researchers who, get this, study the native fauna."

I really like .hm, had to check if www.thingsthatmakeyougo.hm was taken, but apparently it's not.

Felix, what we should really do, now that Halley is about to get internet access, is campaign for their own domain. Obviously, it would be .ha

Posted by: Stefan Geens on June 27, 2004 09:56 AM

Niue was devastated in a cyclone at the beginning of the year, and there have been discussions of giving up on sovereignty and reverting to a colony of New Zealand again; one politician is campaigning on the reintegration platform. There was a great article about this in an NZ paper in January, but the link has gone dead; there was an article in the Guardian that mentions it in passing, though.

If Niue were to lose it's (nominal) independence, would it lose it's TLD? It appears that the old USSR domain (.su) is still around, although the Union itself isn't.

And if they're going to set up a Halley TLD, I would like to register my forthcoming comedy site as http://ha.ha.

Posted by: mike on June 28, 2004 02:33 AM