July 11, 2004

From B to shining C


Best. Wallpaper. Ever.

Who said space missions are a waste of money? Head on over to Cassini-Huygens's home page and download awesome full-res ultraviolet close-ups of of Saturn's rings for your desktop background. My favorite, above, shows the B and C rings.

Posted by Stefan at 11:40 PM GMT

Cost of picture of slightly curved colored lines
Cost of measles vaccination program reaching 2.2 billion people
Cost (to the US) of 2.5 percent of an Iraq war.

I guess this puts slightly curved colored lines somewhere near the median of US government expenditure efficiency.

Posted by: charles on July 12, 2004 05:28 PM

Reminds me of Jeremy Blake.

Posted by: tim on July 12, 2004 07:52 PM

Indeed, you are right, Tim.

Posted by: Stefan Geens on July 12, 2004 11:20 PM

reminds me of Rem Koolhaas' proposal for a new (pre-expansion) EU flag.

Posted by: mike on July 13, 2004 02:45 PM

Reminds me of a bad acid trip. Oh, wait a minute. No it doesn't.

Posted by: Matthew on July 13, 2004 05:01 PM

No no, it's more like the latest line of shirts by Paul Smith.

Posted by: Jame on July 15, 2004 01:34 AM