December 05, 2004

Nobel bloggers

How many Nobel prize winners blog?

Here's a new one, by Neo-Hayekian Nobellist Gary Becker, co-authored with (somebody I'll pretend to haver heard about to cover up my ignorance) Richard Posner. Is there anyone else?

As for Nobel-next-of-kin, there is the wife of one of this year's physics prize winners (Frank Wilczek), Betsy Devine, whom I certainly hope will be blogging the coming week in Stockholm "from the floor," so to speak. She's just arrived. It's going to be a fun week here — where else in the world do celebrity sightings involve world-famous chemists?

Posted by Stefan at 11:12 PM GMT

How many nobel prize winners write funny reviews on

Posted by: Non Sequitur on December 6, 2004 09:38 AM

Posner's a brilliant legal scholar. He wrote the most authoritative post-mortem on the Clinton impeachment saga, An Affair of State which I have somewhere around here...

Posted by: Sterling on December 6, 2004 03:36 PM

Funny, I was just reading a comment about Posner's new blog earlier today.

Posted by: Mr. 99th Percentile on December 6, 2004 03:41 PM