September 29, 2003

Gawker unsnarks

Gawker, the website which so fabulously linked to us only this morning, seems to have added a new snarkless feature, called "Who's Whom". The first recipient of a Choire blowjob (metaphorically, of course) is James Surowiecki, the financial columnist for the New Yorker. Choire is surprisingly good at laying on the smarm:

The checklist on Surowiecki: talented, smart, great job, gorgeous, innate fashion sense, and heterosexual. His suits have the proper lapel width. Ding ding ding.

But since when does Gawker exist to suck up to Condé Nast employees and tell them that they have a "great job"? Especially Surowiecki, who has been known to write some seriously bizarre stuff in his time. Consider a piece called "Deregulate New York City!" he wrote for Slate:

Take taxis. Why is it so hard to get a cab in midtown, especially on a rainy day? ... Opening the market to new competitors would increase the number of taxis on the street--that's the whole idea--and it would drive down prices.

Uh, right, Jim. Deregulate the taxi industry, make it much more difficult to file a complaint, allow any number of different companies and individuals to set their own fares, and ensure that no one has the faintest notion of how much a cab ride is going to cost. Rather than just, say, coin new medallions. The genius of the man Choire would call "Superstar Surowiecki".

This has to be ironic, right? Gawker wouldn't really break the habits of a lifetime to start being nice to people, would it? Please someone tell me this is just the set-up for a cruel joke and that the other shoe is about to drop.

Posted by Felix at 03:46 PM GMT