November 12, 2003

Paris Hilton's cellphone number

Nick Denton, it turns out, is not quite as cavalier as his antics on Fleshbot might make him seem. Fleshbot's sister site, Gawker, boasts today that it has received Paris Hilton's mobile phone number via email 40 times in one hour, but stops shy of actually printing it. There is a link, but it's to another site which also doesn't divulge the number (although it does do some boasting of its own, saying "we've used it on a number of occasions"). If you want to find out the number itself (it's a Paris number, natch) you'll have to go somewhere else entirely. So Gawker Media will print photos of a girl with a penis in her mouth, will link to lots of places where the full video can be found, and will even say that the video "is much too large to post here" – with the clear implication that if only it was smaller, then Fleshbot would host it itself. But it won't print her phone number – that would be going way too far.

Posted by Felix at 09:02 PM GMT