November 13, 2004

The disappearing public editor

What's happened to Dan Okrent's blog?

Aside from his column every two weeks in the Sunday New York Times, Dan Okrent occasionally writes shorter pieces online which might not fit into whatever he's writing about that fortnight.

His first day of posting, February 9, he managed three different entries, and he wrote nine more over the course of the rest of that short month, including four on February 19 alone. In March he posted 13 times, but that figure fell to just five in April, two in May, two in June, and one in July. Then he went on holiday.

When he came back, in September, he managed two more postings, but since then, silence. Nothing at all for the entire month of October, when one might have thought there was quite a lot for him to write about, and nothing in November so far. Can we conclude that Okrent is tired of his difficult job?

Posted by Felix at 04:56 PM GMT

Who cares? They should just abolish the position. It's such a namby pamby idea anyway. The Times should just do what id does without apology or reflection. What's the name of Fox's ombudsman?

Posted by: Joe Public on November 14, 2004 06:20 AM