March 23, 2006

Felix Salmon sleeps with the fishes

(I've wanted to write that for about three years.)

In a post at Instapundit, the Blogfather quotes a section of text from an article on Darfur that cites, but without linking to Felix's site. Is this indicative of some kind of exblogmunication? Has Mr. Salmon made Mr. Reynolds' "Dead to Me" list?

Nice work anyway, Felix. That's a good piece of journalism there.

Posted by Sterling at 03:42 AM GMT

Stefan gets some credit too! But thanks for the compliment.

Interestingly one of the quotes from isn't from at all, but rather from the Lloyd Grove piece.

And yes, it would have been nice to get a link from Instapundit.

I am a little bit peeved that the issue was picked up by the MSM in an NYC gossip column. That gives the NYT every opportunity to dismiss the criticism as par-for-the-course intramedia bitching, and not something substantive.

Posted by: Felix on March 23, 2006 03:20 PM

Awww. How sweet. Our little Felix Salmon's a BIG fish now. I hope he won't forget us little peeps in all his forthcoming fame and fortune.

Posted by: michelle on March 23, 2006 06:41 PM